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Pepper Shannon

The biggest hurdle we face as sports advisors is informing our clients they have significantly better odds when betting on sports compared to other forms of gambling - the only rival being poker.  My sports betting strategy is to look for NFL and college football teams that are out of favor.  This means that the majority of my football picks will not be heavy favorites. It’s the teams that are overlooked, the underdogs, that provide the most value for sports investors.  

There is a fine line between betting absurd underdogs and betting teams that offer the most value.  Experienced professionals can determine the teams that offer value to bettors and put money in your pocket.

Since 2011, I have managed to turn a profit betting NFL and NCAAF and help my clients average a 24% net return on their investment.  This season, I hope to earn your trust and you allow me to guide you to a successful football betting season on the gridiron.  I think you will find that my advice is exactly what you need to win on a consistent basis.


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