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"South Side" Slim Landry
Our staff is excited to welcome a true professional that is ready to take his business worldwide.  "South Side" Slim Landry has been working offline the past 15 years and now he joins the best sprots investing staff online.
Aaron Fuller
Aaron Fuller is a former investment funds manger for a bank in Canada.  Aaron dealt strictly with high profile and high net worth clients which taught him a great deal about strategic investing.
Adam Jenkins
I have been handicapping sports for 12 years and exclusively MLB for 5 years.  I rely on fundamental and statistical analysis and feel that stats and analytics are extremely important to handicapping, especially in baseball.
Bob Greenfield
Bob Greenfield was added to the SIC lead investor board to help assist our staff exclusively in NBA.  The NBA season remains as one of the top money makers for our clients and investors and Bob will add depth and knowledge to an already superb staff. 
Bobby Husbands
Sports betting is constantly changing.  What works one month or season may not have an impact next season. Gamblers love the favorite. Oddsmakers set a line and the public immediately percieves the odds as representation of one team favored over another.
Brandon Banks
The money making season is here and all football bettors are eager to cash in on the NFL and NCAAF odds. The fact is if you don't have time to thoroughly research your football picks, you are losing money.
Bret Bryan
Bret Bryan, AKA "The Inside Man" has been involved with sports gambling since the age of 23.  Bret's connections allow for an inside view of which players are backing which teams and how the lines will shift.
Bryan Bowman
My entire focus from the start of my career has been to make my clients money from my research.  I don't guarantee to win every pick on the board but I have proven that over the course of a season, there is a high probability that my clients will profit.  
Cameron Owens
Cameron Owens was born in a small town in New Mexico where he was raised to help out with his parent's general store.  Cameron learned at an early age that money didn't come easy and hard work is the key to success. 
Chris Murphy
With numerous independently documented winning seasons in NBA, NCAAB, NFL, NCAAF and MLB, Sports Investor Central has brought an offline handicapper to the online world.  While Chris Murphy has never offered his services online in the past, SIC will welcome a strong customer following of his picks.
Cole Patrick
I am truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful service with SIC.  I have watched SIC grow exponentially from our inception and I am very excited to be able to provide my services to such a broad client base all over the world.
Dave McGreggor
My job isn't to advise the casual sports bettor.  My job is to cater to the serious sports investors that truly believe in the art of football handicapping.  
Dick Liston Jr.
Dick Liston has been handicapping MLB professionally for approximately 5 years.  In the past he has worked hand in hand with some of the Las Vegas bookmakers and understands the profession and lines better than most handicappers.
Dylan Miles
I have been betting college and pro football since 2008 and have never ended the season in the red. The past two seasons while SIC was documenting my picks, I won 60% of my NFL games and 57% of my NCAAF picks.  
Ethan Alexander
Ethan Alexander comes from Richmond, VA and is a third generation contractor.  Both his father and grandfather were contractors by trade so naturally Ethan spent his childhood summers working with his father and grandfather framing houses and churches throughout the area.
Jack London
I have been a successful entrepreneur since the age of 16 so the hustle is part of my lifestyle.  I manged to create, grow and sell my accounting business after twelve years and provided me with the opportunity to commit full time to football handicapping.  
James Landas
James Landas was working as an independent handicapper to private clients offline before joining Sports Investor Central.  James has over 12 years experience as a professional sports handicapper and will release investment tips on MLB, NBA, NCAAB, NFL and NCAAF.
Jared Alston
I'm a midwest boy and my midwestern values are always evident in my character.  I always put people and my clients first, ahead of my needs and wants.  In this business making money is the #1 priority and want you to understand, as my client, I want to make you money!
Jerry Goslin
Jerry Goslin, affectionately called the Goose, has been with Sports Investor Central since the fall of 2011.  Goose is a former investment manager for a large construction company and decided to pivot his career path during the housing crises to supplement his income.  
Jimmy Meyer
MLB is a long season so proper money management is crucical to prevent dinging your bankroll on a losing streak.  I prefer to play only smart wagers and tend to look hard at moneyline underdogs and the Total.  My picks released will be dependent on home, away teams, pitching, time of year active streaks.
Joe Rossy
Do you ever wish you would have access to information that would put you on the side with smart money? Since 2003 I have dedicated my career to helping MLB bettors side with the sharps and turn a decent profit during the dog days of summer.  
Joel Rockman
Joel Rockman is a twelve year handicapping veteran and former team member of a sports handicapping syndicate for a high net worth client. Joel shifted his focus to provide his expert advice to our clients across the globe.
John Hayden
John Hayden is a basketball specialist that has been predicting the outcome of NBA and NCAAB since 2005.
John R. Block

Johh R. Block started tipping basketball in 1996 with an email list and a beeper. Things have changed since the late 90's and John has won numerous independent online handicapping awards and joined our staff in 2012.  

Kenny York
Kenny York knows there is value in MLB baseball betting and he wants to help you find it.  Kenny York is a no nonsense personality that is as focused on his craft as we have seen. 
Kevin Fitch
Kevin Fitch has a long history within the gambling industry and is a former associate of William Jacobs.  Kevin has a documented 62% NFL record from 2010-2012 and a 60% record in college football from 2011-12.
Martin Agnes
I have been handicapping MLB baseball and betting my own picks since 2003.  I was a corporate accountant for 27 years and in order to supplement my retirement income, I turned to betting.  
Mikhail Lebel
Mikhail Lebel has overcome many obsticles in his life and was fortunate to have moved to the United States when he was 11 years old.  Mikhail was introduced to sports early in his childhood by neighborhood friends and class mates.  From tennis to hockey, Mikhail was fond of the traditional Russian sports he grew up around.  
Noah Daniels
There is only one objective as a professional sports handicapper and that is to provide the best possible information to your clients which will result in a long term gain.  
Pat Nuke
I started out like many handicappers entering documented online handicapping contests over 7 years ago.  When I first started experimenting with making sports picks I was a novice and would make picks on every game on the board.
Pepper Shannon
There is a fine line between betting absurd underdogs and betting teams that offer the most value.  Experienced professionals can determine the teams that offer value to bettors and put money in your pocket.
Pete Mac
Pete Mac has been involved in sports handicapping since the late 1990s.  Although Pete grew up in New York he is neither a fan of the Yankees or Mets and is a fan of any team he can find sufficient line value.  "I'm not a New York sports fan and quite frankly I'm not a die hard fan of any sports team". 
Phillip Pyle
Phillip Pyle started out with SIC at our inception in 2010 after selling his sporting goods store.  With a love of sports and a passion for investing, Phillip knocked and we answered.
Ralph Learner
Ralph Learner is an entrepreneur, world traveler and self made man. Ralph was forced to provide for his large family at early age and has always been motivated by money.  "My situation was no different than a lot kids growing up in single parent homes.
Ray Lucas
Ray Lucas has been in the sports investing sector for the past 15 years.  Ray mainly worked out of NYC but has since traveled to Las Vegas part time during the football season to be more involved in the action. 
Riley Peterson
With a background in economics and MBA in Marketing, I have had many career paths in my life but none as excited as working with Sports Investor Central.  I will bring a hard work ethic to my clients and will always be searching for an advantage. 
Robin Lyons
Robin Lyons was highly sought after and accepted an apprenticeship last NBA season and performed quite well.
Ryland Breed
Matchups, trends, line movements, I cover them all on a daily basis to make sure my picks retain their edge.  NBA odds are tight which means you have to have the right information at the right time.
Scot Romas
Scot Romas began submitting picks with SIC last November and posted a 60% in college basketball last season.
Skip Breaze
Skip Breaze was one of the first handicappers to join Sports Investor Central and has become an integral part of our developement.  Skip is a long time friend of Teddy Vintage who runs his own service and was mentored by Teddy many years ago. 
Steve O'Bannon
Is your bankroll tapped out?  Most likely you have received incorrect advice or you decided to make your own investment decisions, both can spell trouble.  Sports handicapping is a formula of putting together as many winning trends and edges as possible to allow for the best chance of winning.‚Äč
Storm Lewis
Storm Lewis has been interning with Sports Investor Central since our inception.  Storm has helped every single SIC investor with college basketball and is extremely knowledgeable about sports investing and bookmaking. 
Taylor Gold
Taylor Gold has a documented 60% overall record in MLB, NBA and NFL the past two years we have monitored his sports services.  Taylor will invest only in professional sports and provide clients with MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL sports picks.
Timmy Klein
Timmy Klein has been with Sports Investor Central for the past three years working his way up the chain. Timmy has learned the intricacies of sports gambling from some of our top sports investors.  
Tom Pit
Tom Pit is full of flash and furor.  Tom's personality is very animated and his excitement and enthusiasm are hard to match.  His passion is sports betting and he has successfully been able to produce profitable football betting seasons dating back to 2009.  
Tony Dickson
SIC is proud to enlist the services of Tony Dickson who will release NBA and College Basketball picks exclusively through Sports Investor Central.  Tony was monitored by SIC for the past two NBA and College Basketball seasons and respectively posted a 60% average in NBA and 59% in College Basketball.
Tyler Samuels
Tyler no longer has to look for work as he has found his niche sports handicapping. SIC is proud to employ Tyler and look for him to provide winning sports picks for all major sports.
Walter Lee
Walter Lee is a sports betting handicapper veteran has been advising clients since 2004 and was wagering his personal predictions since 1998.  William has handicapped every major sport but has focused exclusively on NFL and college football the past five years.
William Jacobs
William Jacobs' background is in the tech industry and he was hit hard with an investment that went sour during the dot com crash in 1999-2000.  William knows what it's like first hand to lose everything that he worked hard for and to have a dream shattered.
Wyatt Turner
You can invest with confidence when you purchase college football predictions from Wyatt Turner.  Wyatt is a professional college football handicapper that offers significant value at $25.00 per selection.